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Mike SilvaFeb 21, 2024 10:46:41 AM1 min read

Nrby Raises a Strategic Series of Funding to Power Product Development and Expansion at Scale


Manchester, NH; PRNewswire; May 7, 2020 – Nrby, Inc., the leading provider of location intelligence platforms that revolutionize how field service, operations, and customer service teams operate, today announced that they have successfully raised a significant seed round from private New England investors. The funds will be utilized to further innovation of the Nrby SaaS platform and expand into new markets at scale. The new investment round will enable Nrby to further capitalize on its position as a leader in the emerging Location Intelligence markets both in the US as well as internationally.

“This injection of capital comes at a critical time of global economic uncertainty, where more than ever before, Nrby technology will facilitate and is critical to accelerated connection, innovation, and problem-solving. The world is changing, and Nrby is poised to deliver innovations to support the emerging needs of businesses to digitize and seek new efficiencies across multiple markets,” said Kurt Dobbins, Chief Executive Officer of Nrby.

An ever-expanding array of companies are recognizing the need to digitally transform their outdated data gathering processes and capture actionable location data. Nrby aims to service a number of new markets where companies that leverage its turnkey platform can realize rapid ROI and increased revenue. The platform will address critical usage scenarios including infrastructure maintenance, facility management, sales & marketing effectiveness, risk management, remote monitoring, workforce management, construction, insurance, transportation, government, and utilities.

According to Kurt Dobbins, now is the ideal time for Nrby to enable companies to expedite their digital transformations: “This funding was secured based on Nrby’s extensive track record of innovation and proven results in support of some of the best telecommunication brands in the US, as well as on the longer-term thesis that we are in the midst of a 20-year-shift from manual, analog processes and point solutions to modern, digitized mobile technology platforms.”

Nrby’s solution empowers teams to leverage their iOS and Android mobile devices to digitally document, share, and track the servicing of equipment; pinpointing the precise location at which the work is being executed. Field service leaders can dramatically transform their processes thereby improving customer satisfaction, increasing speed-to-resolution and gaining actionable data about their networks. Teams become proactive rather than reactive when they can move at the speed of digital. Customers who adopt the Nrby platform will realize more efficient communication and higher customer satisfaction.