Improve Workflow with Location Intelligence Software

With the evolution of map-based software, there’s never been a better time to improve your company’s workflow. While GPS technology is at the forefront of logistical innovation for many industries, telecommunications, cable, and utility companies are still struggling to employ fully digital solutions to meet multiple business needs. Answering these needs, Nrby provides a location intelligence software solution that seamlessly integrates into a company’s workflow, positively augmenting field crews processes and providing them with accurate location data provided by customers themselves.

Nrby’s Location Intelligence Software Create Efficient Workflows

With Nrby, field workers and office leaders can:

  1. Find work based on location: Nrby helps crews eliminate crisscrossing and backtracking. All service locations are plotted on a shared map, so team members can focus on the most accessible sites and spend more time working and less time traveling.
  2. Track the status of existing service locations: Our location software enables each task to be updated with accurate information on its status based on previous servicing, customer data, and more. In effect, team members have access to a site’s lifetime service history and no longer depend on personal or institutional memory.
  3. Work more efficiently: The Nrby platform reduces inbound customer service calls and enables more direct communication between team members, meaning more sites can be serviced in a time period. For work crews, Nrby’s SmartPin system provides extensive data across the board, reducing uncertainty no matter where they are or what needs to be done.
  4. Identify new sales opportunities from the field: With Nrby, customer care and service teams are empowered to identifying new opportunities in the field. With a simple click and a 15 second form fill, service teams can capture an opportunity and give the sales teams the information they need to jump on the opportunity real time.

construction tracking softwareLocation software has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and industry leaders that have utilized it are already seeing significant improvements to their workflows and bottom lines. As the next evolution in that trend, Nrby is empowering companies with better management systems, leaner budgets, and clearer communications. Contact us to find out how your department can save time and money while providing better, faster service to your customers.

Nrby In Action: How Field Data Increases a Crew’s Efficiency

Picture a ground crew being directed to a site with minimal supplies and just one specialist in the truck. They get to the job site, survey the problem, and see that there’s significantly more damage than anticipated. Under a traditional workflow system, that crew needs to phone for additional support, describe the damage, and then wait for the new materials or logistical backup to be dispatched and arrive on site before beginning to tackle the problem, itself. The travel time, customer communication, and waiting all add up to a significant waste of time and resources.

Capture Field Data

The value of real time field data.

With Nrby, companies can resolve situations like these faster and more affordably:

  • Deployment: A customer notices a downed power line in front of their house. Instead of spending time on the phone with a customer service representative, they update an integrated SmartPin system used to log information and report the problem. A crew nearby is made aware of the situation through a notification on their smart device and deploys to the area.
  • Analysis: The crew assesses the problem and realizes the damage is worse than expected. They update the pin with a priority call for material or logistical backup. The customer can see that a crew was deployed and is calling for backup within their phone application, so they do not need to call customer service to ask for an update.
  • Resolution: Another crew with the needed support recognizes the update and, because they are already nearby in the field, arrives quickly. The reinforced team fixes the problem and updates the pin. Both HQ and the customer are simultaneously informed that service should be restored shortly.

Nrby’s is helping make field data easier to access, understand, and utilize. Nrby’s location intelligence platform allows for mass data collection and legacy storage, ensuring that the service history for a site is available for whoever works on that site next. By having a detailed history of a site and its service history, companies can avoid repeating efforts, increasing efficiencies and enabling workers to resolve problems more quickly. The end result: companies using data in this way are primed to save money, work faster, and serve customers even better.

3 Data Collection Techniques

A database is only as good as the methods it uses to capture and retain data. Nrby was built from the ground up to be an easy, seamless conduit into your company’s field data, enabling your teams to operate with the most comprehensive information possible. Field data collected can improve field work, enable companies to make more informed strategic decisions, offer new products, or even sell real time from the field. But it all starts with collecting clean field data.

Data Collection Techniques

data collection techniquesBelow are some techniques we deploy to empower our customers to collect field data:

  1. Field Team Inputs: Mobile teams are often the largest and most comprehensive source of data collection for any location intelligence software. As they travel to job sites, complete tasks, and resolve problems in the field, the information they capture can be uploaded directly into the Nrby platform as part of capturing information or completing a job. And since field teams rely on this information the most for their own work, they know which data is most relevant and important to add to the system.
  2. Customer Crowdsourcing: Nrby’s SmartPin platform doesn’t require extensive training or preparation, making it easy for companies to empower their own customers to use it. Many customers will take advantage of the ability to report service issues (real time) electronically or provide updates, especially if it allows them to avoid lengthy hold times and phone calls with traditional customer service agents. Companies that utilize this method of data collection are essentially crowdsourcing their database to a degree far beyond even the largest employee pool. Many times a hybrid of customers and mobile teams are utilized to capture data and realize incredible savings, higher efficiency, new revenue and enhanced CSAT.
  3. Sales Team Intelligence: Sales and Service often represent two completely separate departments. While that may be true, companies can create collaboration–even indirectly–by incentivizing their sales teams to add information to the Nrby platform, just as service teams are expected to do. In many cases, data obtained in this way is distinct from data collected from, say, a field team, and includes valuable intelligence like consumer preferences, price sensitivity, purchasing history, and more. This leads to opportunities collected from the field that it might not have captured in the past.

These techniques represent a few of the ways that Nrby facilitates extensive data collection. As a platform aimed at leveraging data at all levels–from the hands-on field technician to the forward-thinking executive–Nrby understands the value of drawing on a wide variety of sources to inform decision making and drive profits. Companies that capture and act on field data today will be better positioned for the challenges of tomorrow.



PRESS RELEASE: Nrby Announces Expansion Into Strategic New Markets


Manchester, NH – September 22, 2020 Nrby, the leading provider of location intelligence platforms for the telecommunication industry, announced today that they are expanding into five new markets. To further capitalize on its position as a leader in the emerging Location Intelligence markets, Nrby is offering their SaaS based platform to the construction, environmental, government, manufacturing and transportation industries.

“Today, mobile teams are shifting away from manual processes to smarter ways for mobile teams to communicate, due to the need for efficiency and the challenges with Covid-19.  While supporting many large telecommunications providers, it became clear quickly that our platform solves universal communication and data problems for any mobile team dealing with anything at a specific location. It is an organic and seamless expansion into these new markets. We look forward to Nrby empowering customers in all industries to improve service quality, operational efficiencies, and overall profitability.” said Kurt Dobbins, Chief Executive Officer of Nrby.

Since introducing the Nrby mobile and desktop platform, Nrby has successfully delivered innovative solutions to customers in the cable and telecommunications industry. These telecommunications providers have created millions of SmartPins to document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location. One of Nrby’s customers has collected and acted on over 2.4 million records from the field and estimate Nrby will eliminate $200,000 in operational expenses by the end of 2020 and continue to find more ways Nrby can help customer service, marketing, and operations teams to improve current business processes.

According to Mark Wallace, Chief Revenue Officer for Nrby, now is the ideal time for Nrby to expand into new industries; “With many employees today remote, companies of all sizes are struggling to evolve outdated business processes and eliminate communication gaps.  Nrby excels at helping companies to digitally transform quickly and realize many benefits in days.”

About Nrby:

Nrby is the smarter way for mobile teams to communicate.  Nrby is an intelligent platform for companies to document, take action, and unlock new insights on anything associated with a specific location. For more information please visit: or email to learn more.

Media Contact:

Mike Silva
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How Location Intelligence Software Help Mobile Teams

location intelligence software

Mobile teams are only as effective as the location intelligence software they use to stay connected, solve problems, and track results. With Nrby, mobile teams can do all of that and more, all while creating a better experience for team members and cutting cost. In some circumstances even generating revenue–for the companies that deploy them. For any industry that relies on mobile teams to execute activities  in the field, Nrby is a critical tool.

With Nrby, teams can:

  1. Identify Growth Opportunities: With Nrby’s location intelligence software, tasks, targets, and completed jobs are plotted visually on a customizable map-based dashboard. This enables sales and market research teams to spot patterns in customer locations, demographics, and behavior and use that information to extrapolate likely new leads and customers. Nrby also incorporates checklist functionality for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, providing a valuable repository of data for sales teams to follow up on.

  2. location intelligence softwareCommunicate More Efficiently: One of the principle challenges for any mobile team is staying connected amid heavy field work and constantly rotating job locations. Nrby’s SmartPins digitize over 150 workflows that previously was completed through paperwork or phone calls to management. All of the field communication can be set up to be viewed and acted upon by all relevant members of a team. The locations, work status, and updates from each team member can be accessed in real time with the swipe of a finger or at the office via desktop.

  3. Resolve Field Issues Quickly: Mobile teams move faster when access to needed information is easily accessible. Nrby’s location intelligence software solves that need for relevant information within the field. Managers or team leaders can guide team members more efficiently, with a bird’s eye view of how they are faring on the ground, and can provide real-time support to tasks requiring additional resources. 

The activities associated with mobile teams–customer service, installation, infrastructure maintenance, and more–don’t have to be the financial drain that companies often assume. By adding new sales generation opportunities and boosting efficiency, Nrby tackles this problem from both ends–increasing the revenue and reducing costs.

Nrby’s benefits extend beyond mobile teams to the larger corporate framework that those teams support, and the technology will continue to be a strategic solution used to drive operational efficiency, higher profit margins and open new revenue streams. Our team is happy to set up a demo specific to your teams needs.

What is Location Intelligence Software?

Mobile technology platforms are changing the way businesses interact with their customers, partners and contractors. The pandemic has only accelerated this trend, driving mobile tech use far beyond previous trends. More than ever, businesses are leveraging new tools to connect with their constituents like never before. The driver for this enhanced communication is location intelligence technology, which has already shown business value across multiple verticals that utilize mobile teams.

location intelligence software
What is Location Intelligence Software and how does it help my business?

  1. Clean & Actionable Data: Location intelligence software captures the precise location of a technician, crew member, utility pole, vehicle, or any other target in the field. Data tracked in this way is always current and accessible compared to physical maps or records–which can be lost, damaged, or made obsolete. The history of assets and activities in a location intelligence database are also easier to track, and this lifecycle information is particularly important in knowing where to capture, act or service customers. With 70% of telecommunications companies already saying that location intelligence is critical to their success, it seems likely that data collection will continue to grow with further adoption of this technology.

  2. 100% Uptime: Location intelligence software doesn’t need to be turned on, shut down, or periodically recycled; it is always ready when needed. When this “always on” functionality is paired with user-friendly mobile devices, it allows for seamless data collection with minimal user input, regardless of the time of entry. By being accessible and updatable at any time, teams can easily use and add to their system of record, even outside normal work hours or across time zones.

  3. Cloud Based: Cloud technology has seen rapid adoption as a more cost-effective and practical way to store and access data. Location intelligence platforms like Nrby are easily adapted to the cloud, ensuring data is both secure and easily accessible. This is especially important as COVID-19 forces companies to reorient their workflows away from centralized offices. 

Nrby is on the forefront of the emerging location intelligence technology trend. Government, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications companies are quickly adopting Nrby’s location intelligence platform to augment their teams process, provide better service and realize new revenue streams. Field data is collected and shared across mobile teams to ensure clean data is captured and acted upon at each work site, enabling companies to save time and money.

To learn more about how to put Nrby to work for your business, contact us or sign up for a demo.